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Hallo liebe Conmmunity,
Ich möchte euch gerne den Clan Deathwatch vorstellen!
Wir sind eine recht große und einigermaßen erfolgreiche Gilde in einigen Spielen ( z.b Planetside 2 )
Hier einmal ein Auszug aus unserem (englischen) rekrutierung bzw. eine Beschreibung des Clans.


Deathwatch Gaming is a International Community that has been around for over 10 years who started with games such as Counter Strike and Unreal Tournament. Since then we've grown from a humle 10 members to over 2000 members in the community spread over a variety of games (Planetside 2, War thunder, Payday2, Rust, DayZ, Smite, Star Citizen, Eternal Crusade and many more)

Deathwatch & TESO
With this game we'll be taken a different and more open approach, we want to run a social guild that has a place for everyone that's looking for a strong and solid community, we want crafters, explorers, the adventurous and everyone else that can fit in with a social establishment

Our Focueses

Creating an enjoyable environment for new and veteran players
Secure a Piece of Land
Enjoy Ourselfs & Ingame Events
Setup a proper Social guidelines and a detailed organization (Multiple Guildes within the kingdom)
Making sure there's a place for everyone, if you play a couple of hours a week fine join us and have fun or you can play tons and tons of hours and
help shape the kingdom.
Political Powerhouse

What we offer you
Experience and a stable community that has been around for over 10 years, solid leadership that isnt based of a hormonal 16 year old (hard but fair), newsletters that keeps you in the loop of whats going on within the community, competitive teams in multiple games and so much more that i can't even word.

Generals with experience from Darkfall (Large Scale Medieval PVP)
Competitive players from known MOBAs
Experienced Managers from Communities and Previous Guild Leaders.

Deathwatch is more than just gaming, its friends for life.


Villeins (New Members, Explorers, Lonewolfs, Casuals, be apart of something without real contribution)
No requirements
To become a villein you just need to get invited to the Clan/s

Freemen (Shop owners, merchants, traders or anyone thats a full member and have a economical impact)
Registered on the website with an approved application
Pressence on Teamspeak

Militia (Full members who dedicate themselfs to defending our trade routes and the empire)
Registered & and approved member who dedicate themselfs to combat
Requires active pressence on Teamspeak and on Drills

The Nine (Nine very dedicated soldiers who pledge themselfs to protect the lord of the castle, Heavily decorated Knight)
All the above + sponsorship from a lord or another person of the gentry.
Distinguished Combat Veteran.
Carries the "Sir" infront of your name, could require you to remake your character.



Knights hold a title of knighthood. This is earned usually by those who pursue the soldier route and who have perfected the skills of mounted melee combat, as it says in the ducal court document. A knight is privileged with the style of "Sir" or "Dame", and this sort of honor will be earned by the real PVP heroes of this guild. However, a knight is not a freeman. Sometimes a grant of a title of knighthood is merely an honor, as is the case of a knight bachelor. However, a knight bachelor is something of a free agent, and should he swear himself in fealty to a liege lord like a baron or myself, then he is no longer free, but bound back into the feudal structure. Fortunately, he is not just a villein again, but is allowed to have villeins of his own. Also, the baron or liege lord will likely also grant him some form of benefice, like a portion of land containing resources that he will be responsible to farm and provide a portion of to the baron.

A baronet has the same rank and style as a knight except he or she will not be skilled in heavy mounted combat. Some baronets will come from the ranks of soldiery who are heroic rangers or even magicians. However, although almost all knights will have been soldiers, some baronets will have been outstanding yeomen or merchant burgesses as well. Baronets too may become vassals of liege lords and may hold land and castles in their names just like knights. Baronets won't be able to train esquires as apprentices, however, the way knights can.
The guilds:

Mages Guild (A mage joins to improve on his mage abilities, deals with potions, ingredients, alchemy equipment, soul gems, and enchanting)

Merchants Guild (General trade, Establish trade with other empires, keep our stocks up, crafters of all sorts)

Fighters Guild (Detailed battleplans, practice, formations, weapons, skillsets, traps)

Raiders Guild (Focused on exploring the world and bringing back the riches to supply our troops with the best around)

Positions to be filled:
Warden (The Peacekeeper and the man to introduce new players to our ways)

Guild Leaders for:
Mages, Merchants, Fighters, Raiders.


Royal Crafters


also besucht uns auf Deathwatchgaming.com oder @Deathwatchgamin bzw. auf Facebook.com/Deathwatchgaming ,wir freuen uns auf euch !

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