[PS3] Last Rebellion


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Last Rebellion

Entwickler:Nippon Ichi Software, Hit Maker
Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software
Genre Rollenspiel
´Release datum: Japan 28.Januar 2010 / Nord-Amerika: März 2010

Trailer! (Ich empfehle das Saugen des Trailers aus dem japanischen Store in HD)

Das Video hat mich total Fasziniert, daher musste ein Thread zum Spiel her. :X
Auch wenn die Grafik PS2 Niveau ist, so finde ich es dennoch toll. ^^
(Wobei es warscheinlich eher die beinharten Otaku's anspricht. :B )

Quelle >Wikipedia<
Last Rebellion is an upcoming console role-playing video game being developed by Nippon Ichi Software and Hit Maker and published by Nippon Ichi Software exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The game will be released on January 28, 2010 in Japan and in March 2010 in North America.


Exploration is free-roaming, but in combat, the mechanics become turn-based. The battle system will allow the player to target specific body parts of an enemy, and the reaction will be realistic; hence, if you shoot out the legs of an opponent, his or her movement will be drastically reduced, while blows to the arms will weaken their attacks. By strategically striking key areas of the body, players can strip the enemy of their ability to fight. Players can switch back and forth between the two characters during battle. Since Nine and Aisha share a single turn, the player must strategically choose which character will execute their attacks first.[2]


* Nine is known as a Blade and specializes in physical attacks. A very blunt man.

* Aisha is known as Sealer and is capable of using powerful magic spells. In the past she didn't have complete control over her powers and cause disasters.

* Azelride is the country's king and a powerful warlock

* Alfred is Nine's step brother with a completely opposite persona than Nine.


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AW: Last Rebellion

So dann mache ich mal weiter mit den Tests der Weltpresse :-D
Last Rebellion hat vom PS3M 43% bekommen :)
Fazit: Gibts das auch in gut? :-D


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AW: Last Rebellion

Heute Bestellt.
Darn, freue ich mich auf das Game. :X

Faktisch gesehen ist es schrott, aber Nippon Ichi/Compile Heart/Hit Maker Games lassen mich immer richtig Euphorisch werden. Cross Edge, Agarest, Disgaea.. imo alles klasse Games, gemacht mit niederem Budget.